The Challenge

Lawyer’s website and Google Business information have been online since 2008, and was updated several times hoping to gain traction and calls. But for years, they only received few clicks on their website and ZERO calls. They make sure to ask their callers where they got their number from and no one said from the internet, everyone got it from from friends or local ads. They hired cheap (that’s their word) to do the marketing but no luck.

What should we do?

They’re thinking of just disregarding their online presence and focus on local outlets like newspaper and leaflets. Until one of their clients showed their website as part of the consultation and it was mentioned how they ranked in Google. Their clients referred them to Vizual Trend for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.


Calls From Online Listing

Within just 3 months since the project started.


Google and Bing Ranking

Ranked 1 for multiple keywords after 6 months.


Billed Hours

From clients who found their contact information online.

The Process

Full website analysis was made and found out 95% of the backlinks are spam. There are no internal links and on-page SEO was virtually non-existent. The web site was poorly coded and hosted in cheap hosting resulted in very slow loading time. The Google Business listing was not optimized. Some of the steps we did to remedy these issues:

  • Disavowed all the spam links
  • Highly Optimized On-Page SEO
  • Created High Quality tiered backlinks
  • Posted Premium Quality Articles
  • Optimized Google Business Listing
  • Developed a new website from scratch
  • Hosted the website with our managed hosting
  • And more…

Check our SEO Services page on how we can help you grow your traffic organically.

Sales Chart

Increase your sales

More traffic means more potential customers which will turn into sales eventually.


With Highly Optimized On-Page SEO, High Quality Backlinks, Premium Articles, Fast and Search Engine Friendly website, highly Optimized Google Business Listing, we were able to increase the client’s online presence, generate more calls and visit which turned into sales (billed hours).

Let’s Make Things Happen

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Marketing Consultant Expert
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